Yoni Cup kit (Small)

Yoni Cup kit (Small)

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Yoni Cup is a bell Shaped menstrual cup that sits snuggly in the vaginal canal just below the cervix and collects the menses. 

Yoni cup is a healthier alternative to TAMPONS AND MAXI PADS. 

Yoni Cup last for several years and vastly decreases the toxic waste that is created when discarding pads and tampons,  also Yoni cup is free of pH altering chemicals and bleach that commonly irritate the vagina and cause infections. 

The SMALL cup works best for Yoni's with 2 or more of the following:
  • 29 & UNDER
  • Has NOT given birth Vaginally
  • Has Light to Medium flow
  • Wears Regular Absorbency Pads or Tampons
  • *Changes Pads or Tampons every 4-6 hours